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Childhood Development Disorders

Why have testing?

Preliminary research has shown that individuals with Autism have altered urinary amino acid and faecal microbiological profiles. Nutritional supplements can normalise these profiles. The urinary amino acid profile of people with Autism indicate many are catabolic; that is, they are using their muscles for energy. As the body’s ability to extract amino acids from foods in the diet are defective, amino acid supplementation may be useful.

Analysis of faecal bacteria has shown that important gut bacteria are greatly reduced or complete devoid in many Autistic patients. It is likely that these organisms provide essential nutrients for the gut, brain and body as a whole. Specific treatment to normalise the gut flora have had many beneficial results.

Developmental Disorder or Treatable Disease?

It is becoming clear that there are distinct biochemical anomalies associated with many conditions including; autism, attention deficit disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and aspergers syndrome. These anomalies indicate; the presence of infection, protein catabolism, immune activation and associated cytokine related symptoms. Metabolic profile tests can provide an indication of the biochemical differences. This is useful information for your practitioner when designing a treatment plan.

Special Points of Interest

  • The gut bacteria play an integral role in all digestive processes
  • Gut restoration can have widespread positive effects
  • The removal of specific food proteins from the diet can lead to remarkable improvements.
  • Research is indicating that Autism may be linked to an individuals inability to break down proteins found in dairy products and some grains

Dietary Management

By removing all sources of dairy products and gluten containing grains from the diet, the brain has the opportunity to send and receive messages, especially those involving vision, hearing and communication, in a normal manner.

Many relatives and carers of people with Autism are sceptical that altering diet can lead to a change in the behaviour. Although favourite foods may be removed from the diet, it may be worth trialing a dairy / gluten free diet for a minimum of one week, to determine whether any beneficial changes occur.

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