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Digital Auditory Aerobics is a form of intensive non-invasive treatment for those who suffer from hearing sensitivity and distortions in hearing. It provides stimulation to the hearing mechanism, which produces more normal hearing following treatment. Hearing anomalies can affect many aspects of normal everyday life, especially behaviour, sensitivity to noises in the home, social interaction, speech and language development and learning.
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Aspergers Syndrome
Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)
Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD)
Hyper Sensitive Hearing
Hypo Sensitive Hearing
Digital Auditory Aerobics is a sound and music program designed to be implemented by professional Speech-Language Pathologists or Audiologists who seek to remediate speech/language delays in their patients. It is an auditory integration training device which facilitates an individual's responsiveness to his or her surroundings, often including a corresponding increase in more attentive behaviour to the school, work and home environments. The program may be used to remediate sound-related perceptual distortions, "unbalanced" hearing and sound sensitivity in children and adults. The system uses a proprietary device substantially similar to an electronic stereo equaliser to play pre-recorded selections through high quality stereo headphones.

Auditory Integration Training is designed to normalize hearing and the way the brain processes auditory information. Hypersensitivity to certain frequencies can cause overstimulation, disoriention or agitation when hearing (any) sounds at those frequencies. AIT works to normalize the hearing response across all frequencies within the normal hearing range.

For asymmetrical hearing, (different response between the two ears), the right and left ears perceive sounds in different ways and problems with sound discrimination can occur. AIT works to normalize the hearing of both ears.

Training consists of 20 1/2-hour sessions. Two sessions per day are scheduled for 10 days. Some flexibility in the schedule is possible but a major delay would require to restart the program.
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The Georgiana Institute
Auditory Integration Training (AIT), an intervention developed in France by Dr. Guy Berard, addresses the hearing distortions, hyperacute hearing and sensory processing anomalies.
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