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Focus on Individual Learning (FOIL)
Learning Support Centre
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   My nine-year-old son, who has Asperger's Syndrome and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), has been attending FOIL Learning Support Centre for two years, working on his academic skills and developing the social skills he needs to improve his self-assurance and make progress. Having CAPD means that he struggles in the traditional classroom, where much of the teaching is auditory skills-based.
   Through FOIL, he has learnt visual techniques to assist him in reading, spelling and multiplication tables; as well as the social rules of conversation and strategies to cope with the anger and frustration he feels from time to time during the school day. He has confidence in his tutors and feels free to express his feelings without being judged or reprimanded; they are very intuitive and able to structure each session to meet his needs at the time.

Winnie Lum, Canada
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