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Focus on Individual Learning was established in February 2003 in response to the need for more options for Special Children. Parents have difficult choices regarding the education of their children and in South East Asia in particular the opportunities are quite limited.

Our programmes have proven beneficial to children with:
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • Behaviour issues

Email from parents of one of our children

From: Helen & Roger
To: 'June Webb'
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 8:58 PM
Subject: Thank you

Dear June,
As you know we came to you 18 months ago seeking your help with our teenage son. He was having problems with his writing, spelling and organisation skills and we were fighting a losing battle at the school our children attend to gain some assistance. We had been seeking answers in many places for many years, we were given a diagnosis that he had Dyspraxia but little or no assistance or where to go from there. Over the last 18 months through the series of programs you offer which you were able to customise to his needs we believe he is on the path to a successful learning career.

Seeing the success with our son we decided our daughter who was also struggling at school should also participate in your programs. We are seeing the positive results with her also. She now is more focused with staying on her homework and school tasks and is more confident in her abilities.

As you know the apple does not fall far from the tree and we were able through your contacts to correct a vision issue that Roger had lived with for 39 years unknowing that how he was viewing the world visually was not how it should be. He now no longer sees a shadow and everything is 3D.

Further more all your programs are simple to understand, are not too time consuming in a friendly and positive atmosphere.
For the impact you and Joyti have had on our family we thank you very much and wish you all the very best success with continuing to help other parents and children.

With Kind regards

Helen & Roger

We have moved! - Map of Location

Download a PDF copy of our Service Information

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