Neuro-Developmental Assessment

How does FOIL use the INPP techniques to assess & treat Developmental Delay?


We assess your child's neuro-developmental age through a series of simple, medically recognised tests. The assessment measures a child's ability in areas like balance, coordination, patterns of motor development, reflexes, visual functioning and visual perception. These tests take about 2 hours and will result in a written report. If the primitive reflexes have been retained then the INPP movement programme will be followed in order to inhibit the reflexes

Follow-Up (every 6-8 weeks)

The INPP on-going treatment program is drug-free and non-invasive. It comprises a series of specific physical exercises based on the natural movements a child develops in their early years. The exercises help to correct any delays in earlier development and retrain formative reflexes that support a child's progress. These exercises must be performed every day. A session with the INPP Therapist is required every six to eight weeks to update the program exercises.

This results in significant improvements in balance, control of movement, improved posture and visual and perceptual abilities, which provide the foundations for language, learning and social integration.


The INPP programme - just 10 minutes a day

The INPP programme stretches over twelve months and takes 10 minutes a day. Progress is reviewed every 6 to 8 weeks by our INPP professionals in a private session and is continuously fine-tuned to suit your child's specific needs.

To find out if INPP can help your child and your child is over 7 years of age, please fill in the screening questionnaire.

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