Reproduced from Expat Living Singapore - Kids' Guide 2005

Fortunately, some people choose to devote their energy and expertise to helping those with learning impediments. June Webb of Focus on Individual Learning tells EL why she has chosen to assist those with special learning needs.
EL: Why did you see a need for this Focus on Individual Learning?
JW: After 12 years of teaching special education in the international school system in Singapore I have seen steady growth in the number of children who struggle academically. I have come to believe that those issues are exacerbated by the introduction of formal education before the child is developmentally ready for it. We make greater and greater demands on our children at ever earlier ages and there are limited resources available in terms of alternative teaching for those children who move at a different pace or need a different style of teaching. Focus on Individual Learning addresses the needs of each child on an individual basis and creates programmes specifically aimed at the needs of the child.
EL: What specific programmes do you offer children?
Principally, we offer a holistic remediation programme for children (and adults) with special needs. When we assess children we identify the physical issues which can impede development and learning, such as auditory processing issues, visual congruency issues, and retained primitive reflexes. We incorporate remedial movement into our programmes and offer alternative learning styles. Auditory Integration Training (AIT) is available using Digital Auditory Aerobics. We use the Davis programme to address symbol mastery and have a registered Davis facilitator on our staff. Specialised learning support for classroom based activities is offered. We offer parent and child preventative sessions where we help parents in guiding their preschoolers past the various developmental issues which frequently make learning difficult for children.
EL: Who participates in your programmes, and how do you measure improvement?
JW: We work with anyone who is struggling with academics. Most of our clients have fallen within the ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, Aspergers or SLD range. The AIT is used extensively with children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and those with language delay. We work closely with schools and parents, sharing our observations and rely on their reports to ensure that the skills we are teaching are being transferred into the classroom and home situations. The feedback we have received so far is extremely gratifying.

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Expat Living Singapore - Kids' Guide 2005

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