Follow Up

In order to ensure success a period of intensive and ongoing follow up is required. The student has been taught new learning strategies which now need to be internalised and become part of their normal function. Lack of adequate follow up may lead to regression and re-emergence of previously acquired coping strategies. The student should be prepared for a period between 6 months and 2 years in order to complete the process.

The follow up is divided into three stages.
  1. The first stage would normally last one week and is with a local 'Senior Tutor' who will initiate a follow up programme based on the directives of the Intervention Specialist and the initial assessment findings.
  2. The second stage would normally also last one week and is with the students 'Personal Tutor'. These sessions would be supervised by the 'Senior Tutor'. This week will introduce the tutor to the student and ensure that the 'personal tutor' is familiar with the student's individual requirements and is able to continue the programme.
  3. The 'On Going' tuition, the third stage, will be with the 'Personal Tutor'. All progress will be logged and this log will be sighted regularly by the 'Senior Tutor'. Sessions are also monitored periodically to ensure that the correct techniques are being applied. Changes in technique and new processes will be introduced by the 'Senior Tutor' as and when necessary.
The 'Personal Tutor' may be a friend or family member if they are able to provide the necessary skills. If not, a tutor can be provided. In the case of a parent or friend undertaking the ongoing tuition, a weekly session with the Senior Tutor will be required to ensure proper progression and line for the programme.

The Follow Up cost is S$95/hr.

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