Individual Remediation Programme

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Around the age of 7 or 8 the language web built up by the child becomes more rigidly set and changing the modes of function becomes more problematic.

Prior to age 8 the disorientation experienced by the child has, usually, not yet consolidated into a fully dyslexic condition. Children suffering from induced disorientations are said to be potential dyslexics and can frequently be led through rapid improvements by understanding and controlling the source of the disorientation.

For the Young Learner, the Individual Remediation Programme is presented in two shorter segments of 10 hours and one of 5 hours. The segments are spaced a few weeks apart with additional follow-up tuition commencing immediately after the first 10 hour segment. For children age 8 and above, the 25 hours are presented over a consecutive 5 day period.

After the age of 8, the disorientations experienced by the child become automatic responses and the child can truly be said to have a dyslexic-type condition. Traditionally, remediation has focused on 'more of the same'. More and more phonic strategies are sought and applied. Many children, through enormous and exhausting effort, achieve a level of success using these strategies and continue into higher education and successful careers.

The objective of the Individual Remediation Programme is to eradicate the disorientations, provide the child with a different set of 'tools' and allow them to achieve their true potential with a level of effort similar to their peers.

Both these processes will require follow up tuition to establish the new methods and techniques, introduced during the Intervention, as the student's normal functioning mode. The follow-up tuition is crucial to the success of the process and families should be prepared for 6 months to 2 years of intensive work.
Download a PDF copy of our General Information Sheet.

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