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From: junie
Sent: 04 September 2006
To: june webb
Subject: jonathan

Jonathan started the AIT on 31st August 2006. The first session after the AIT, he started to repeat words that he heard, example "see you, bye-bye..". His understanding also improved. Before the AIT, he couldn't settle down even during his therapies. The day after his first AIT session, he went through the therapies without fuss and Jonathan was able to follow instruction . Until now, he is going throught the therapies well. His sleeping pattern has also improved and seldom woke-up in the middle of the night. Most importantly, his span of attention and understanding has improved a lot after the AIT.

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From: susan
Sent: 22 October 2006
To: june webb
Subject: victoria

The most immediate thing that I noticed while the program was still ongoing was that Tori suddenly seemed more articulate and she seemed to have lost the 'um, ah' at the end of every few words. She seemed more confident. When I asked her if she had noticed anything different during the training she replied, 'I can hear the suffixes and prefixes more clearly'

While watching movies she asked for the volume to be turned down, this was absolutely unheard of.

Several friends, without knowing about the course, commented on Tori's improved confidence and how articulate she sounded. She had also been helping a friend with catering and has been following a string of instructions, without having them repeated several times.

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Sent: 14 October 2008
To: june webb

Progress report on a 13 year old autistic girl.
Since doing an AIT programme I am seeing progress for my daughter. She has received 'Award for most improvement' for the first month of school year.

She can express her ideas much better than before, she can reply with her own words in stead of just repeating the question.

She is more empathetic than before and she asked her dad 'Do you feel tired?' when she heard him cough noisily.

She still keeps asking questions about things which she well knows the answer to, but less than before, and we can now change to her attention to other topic gently.

She can play 'kid super ball' with her left hand at Children Playing Area every weekend, and at home she learns to play 'kid basket ball' with her cousin.

She draws pictures with more concentration.

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