Workshops available

Is your child finding learning frustrating?
Are you worried and anxious that your child may be falling behind?
Does your child reverse letters after Grade 1?
Do you feel that your child thinks differently?
Is your child encountering difficulty with Maths?
We offer mini courses to provide parents and teachers with new methods for working with their children. Classes are small and they are planned to involve the participants in 'hands on' activities and provide 'take home' skills.

The Instructor

Hilary Craig, MEd is an educational consultant who specializes in providing help and support for students with learning difficulties. This includes diagnoses such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and Asperger syndrome. Qualified in Canada and UK, she divides her time between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur she has her own private practice, where she works with clients, consults with families and schools and from which she travels internationally giving workshops. Hilary's goal is is to help parents and educators work with 'different learners' and appreciate how social and cognitive difficulties are an integral part of academic and social experience.


A. Could it be dyslexia? - How to detect and help.

Dyslexia comes in many guises. Various methods of working with dyslexics will be discussed and what parents can do to help will also be presented.

Dates and times to be announced

B. Creativity, visualization and learning to read

Creativity is an important part of learning. It is a right brain-based skill which can be developed and enhanced through appropriate teaching methods.

Dates and times to be announced

C. Building maths concepts using visualization skills and creative thinking

Math is counting. Math is patterns. Math is thinking in all sorts of ways. Math is visual. This mini workshop examines math through patterns and hands on experiences. This workshop is to arm participants with new methods.

Dates and times to be announced

Costs $100 per course, includes Take Home Kit of starter materials

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